The Bun

The BLACKBUN is a beautiful little device with great capabilities. Thanks to the interplay of different textiles and a special weaving technique the BLACKBUN offers a unique mixture of elasticity and resilience. It is carefully handmade and fair trade.

pink and zebra blackbun

The BLACKBUN stands for a totally different way of hair styling. We believe hair styling should not be time-consuming and stressful. Instead, it should be fast and easy. It also shouldn’t damage your hair.

At first, Felicia had developed the BLACKBUN for herself to get rid of unhealthy and annoying hair styling.

When many of her friends and of their friends wanted to have one as well, she started BLACKBUN Fashion. Now BLACKBUN Fashion has changed hair styling habits of hundreds of girls. Our goal is to have our users worry less about their hair. Instead, we’d like to enable them to take more time for themselves to discover, explore, have fun and to enjoy. In the meantime, we’ll make sure that their hair looks awesome – with BLACKBUN and without.

The secret

The BLACKBUN’s secret is its unique combination of yarns that are woven with a special technique. It will adapt comfortably to your hair while holding it safe and firm. The surface of the BLACKBUN is made of a soft textile, which provides grid and lets the colors of our designs turn out bright and clear, while its core consists of a stronger cotton that gives it the resilience it needs to shape your hair into volume curls. Our BLACKBUNs are carefully handmade by a little family business in Lithuania. The designs for our collections are developed in close cooperation with our Italian designer.



The Blackbun is elastic and thus easy to apply and comfy to wear.


green blackbuns



The Blackbun has a special core that lets it adapt to your hair and stay in position.


two green blackbuns


Give it a try! Let the BLACKBUN become a part of your beauty kit; a little accessory you like to look at, touch, wear and rely on whenever there is the need to make your hair look stunning without much effort. You can find the 1st BLACKBUN collection in our online shop – check it out now!

BLACKBUN Fashion | Tie your hair back, it's adventure time

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