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- handmade
- cotton + soft polyamide

Product Description

A galactic float on a lilacish, violetish, greenish, even yellowish milky way. Definitely not from this world.

The BLACKBUN is a new hair accessory. It will reliably hold your hair in a bun while at the same time give your hair beautiful volume curls. So pick your favorite BLACKBUN from our collection, style it to your outfit, do some fun stuff and forget about styling your hair. After a few hours, take your BLACKBUN out and enjoy your volume curls.

See here how it works.


Fast, easy, comfy, badass – Advantages of the BLACKBUN at one glance:
  • Straight, thin hair becomes more voluminous and falls in soft volume curls
  • Frizzy hair gets more texture
  • you can apply the BLACKBUN within seconds
  • It controls your hair in a firm and comfy hold
  • The BLACKBUN accentuates your outfit
  • It’s small and light and fits in every beauty kit
  • On your wrist the BLACKBUN becomes a bracelet

Material on the outside: 93% polyamide + 7% elastane

BLACKBUN Fashion | Tie your hair back, it's adventure time