If you like to style your hair, you’ve probably seen it getting thinner and less shiny over time. The reason for this is that most hair styling is terribly damaging. This is why today’s post is about heatless hair styling that lets your hair remain healthy.

Volume curls

Hair like a Victoria’s Secret model

I have to admit: If I could choose, I’d like my hair to always look like that of a Victoria’s Secret model: big, healthy and with soft curls at the tips, that shine and bounce sexy when I walk. *dream* Obviously, it should look like as if I had climbed out of bed already looking like this – completely natural. When I put a lot of effort, my hair can actually really look like this. The problem: it doesn’t only get on my nerves and wastes my time but above all it damages my hair.

I also have to admit that, for a while, I have treated my hair badly. I’ve used straighteners (to make my straight hair shinier), curling irons (I even tried the ones with brushes) and even fancy heatable hair rollers (an absolute waste of time).

The worst we can do to our hair

When it comes to straighteners and curling irons the problem is that we expose single strands of hair to very high temperatures, sometimes even up to 200°C (which is almost 400° in Fahrenheit). Unfortunately, this causes extreme damage to the hair. I’ve noticed my hair getting brittle and thinner over time. You’ve probably already seen this video; for me it was the trigger to once and for all stop exposing my hair to hair styling methods that make use of extreme heat:


PS: If you’ve stressed your hair, this post on how to save dry hair might be helpful for you; all receipes are free of chemical substances.


Don’t look like Gollom

When I took my decision, I was looking for alternative hair styling methods that would get me my beautiful Victoria’s Secret curls without, over time, making me look like Gollom. In this post I want to share with you what I found to be the best solutions to style without heat and keep your hair healthy.

Since I decided to keep my hair healthy, I have tried different non-damaging methods to get curls without heat. Later on in the article I present these methods and my experiences with them. After a lengthy period of experimenting, however, none of these methods had fully convinced me. This is why I’ve developed the Blackbun, a little styling tool that in my opinion is the true alternative to heat styling methods – with a 100% guarantee to be damage free for your hair.

1. The Blackbun

Blackbun in pink

The Blackbun is a small, flexible donut. You can apply it to your pony tail with a special technique. If you wear it for a few hours and take it out afterwards, your hair will show soft volume curls (hello Victoria’s Secret hair!).

Why it works

The Blackbun looks very simple but it is very complex from the inside. It is handmade and consists of a special mix of materials that lets it be flexible but resilient: it will go back to its initial shape after you’ve wrapped your ponytail around it. This way it is easy to apply and holds your hair firmly in a bun, where it exerts gentle pressure to form it into shape. The Blackbun is completely damage-free and thus can be used every day – or every night – without wearing down your hair.

You can find more information about the Blackbun here.

Style while you chill

I often wear my Blackbun during the night. I then wake up with curls over night: I just take out my Blackbun and I’m ready to go (perfect for sleeping in). When I plan to go out at night, I usually wear my Blackbun during the day and pick a design that fits my outfit. This way getting ready before going out is much more relaxed – and I still look as if I had spent an hour in front of the mirror styling my hair.

If you want to try the Blackbun yourself, you can check out the first collection in the Blackbun shop. It comes in many different colors and deisgns!

2. The headband

Haarband auf Tisch

Another method to get no-heat curls, is to use a headband around which you can wrap your hair. I have used this technique for a while before I developed the first Blackbun. The advantage of this method is that you only need a normal headband that you can buy in any H&M or Forever 21, for example.

Bohème curls

What I don’t like about this method is that the curls that you get from this technique look a little bit like hippie curls, very much bohème. I do like this look once in a while but generally I prefer larger volume curls, because I feel like they make my facial features appear softer.

The technique:

  1. First you have to put the hair band around your head like you normally would wear it. I usually dampen my hair before so that it can take on the shape of the curls easier. It is important, however, that it isn’t too went, since it has to by completely dry when you take out the hair band. I recommend to use an old empty spray bottle that you can wash out and fill with water. This way you can lightly dampen your hair.
  2. I start right above my forehead where I’ve parted my hair by separating a strand of hair. I wrap that strand around the headband and let the end of it go back to the rest of my hair. Keep in mind: The smaller the strand, the smaller the curls will turn out afterwards.
  3. I then separate the next strand which I also wrap around the headband.
  4. I repeat this process until all my hair at the side of my head is wrapped around the headband.
  5. I then do the exact same thing on the other side of my head, also working from my forehead down to my neck.
  6. You should leave in your headband for at least six hours before you can take it out and enjoy your bohème curls.

3. Papillotes


Papillotes are another approach to get no heat curls. Papillotes are longish rolls of foam material with a wire core. They usually are as thick as a finger and twice as long. When I use papillotes, I usually part strands of approximately two inches and wrap them each around a papillote. When the strand is completely wrapped around, I bend the ends of the papillote which fixates them close to the scalp.

Firm hold on the head

The advantage of papillotes is that they usually don’t slip out of position. They are made to be worn in the hair over an extended period of time. In contrast to normal hair rollers they are not made to use the heat of a blow dryer to make curls.

The papilottes monster

The disadvantage of papillotes is that it is almost impossible to sleep with them – they are way to uncomfortable. Also, leaving the house with a head full of papillotes is absolutely not advisable; you could scare of little children that think you are a monster that escaped a horror film. Additionally, it takes a long time until all strand of hair are wrapped around papillotes. You should leave in your papillotes for at least five to six hours. Since you can’t sleep and neither leave the house, I’ve found the best way to bridge that time is to put on some nail polish and start a little marathon of my favorite show.

So much worth it!

I hope with this article I could inspire you to style your hair more gently. I personally did give away my straightener and my curling iron is rotting somewhere in the darkest corners of my closet. For two years now I haven’t exposed my hair to extreme heat and I notice a big difference. Never has my hair been that healthy and strong – even though I style it at least three times a week, mostly with my Blackbun. If you feel like the Blackbun is not for you, there are still many other ways to get no heat curls. Sexy volume curls without damaging your hair – it is possible and absolutely worth it!!

Shipping is free now! Come check out my Blackbun shop!

Backbun days <3 Good things will happen soon
Backbun days <3
Good things will happen soon


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