So the BLACKBUN is just a thick hair tie?

No, no, no – actually we are a little sensitive to this. The smooth and firm skin of the BLACKBUN is wrapped around some sophisticated insides. Its connective tissue forms a ring which is flexible but very resilient. It is by no means comparable to a common hair tie.


Does my hair have to have a certain length so that I can wear the BLACKBUN?

Yes. Your hair should be at least shoulder-length, so that you can wrap your ponytail around the BLACKBUN and the bun will have enought tension to form volume curls.


How long should I wear the BLACKBUN in order to get volume curls? 

The longer you wear your BLACKBUN the stronger your curls will be, when you take it out. We recommend to wear the bun at least 4 hours. Don’t forget to dampen your ponytail before applying the BLACKBUN – only then the bun can reshape the hydrogen bonds in your hair. How to apply the BLACKBUN you can find here.


What’s the difference between the BLACKBUN and common curling devices? 

The BLACKBUN works completely without heat – which make it a very gentle curling device that doesn’t damage your hair.


How many BLACKBUNs should I wear? Is there a difference regarding the result?

Yes. Depending on what type of curls you want to have. The more BLACKBUNs you put into your hair at the same time the smaller and more resilient your curls will become. For example, if you make one ponytail and wrap it around one bun, you’ll get big, soft volume curls. If you apply two BLACKBUNs at the same time, for example one bun over each your left and right ear, you’ll get smaller glam curls.


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