About Us

Developing the BLACKBUN was no piece of cake. In the long process of prototyping and developing, however, we encountered many wonderful, skillful and creative people, who believed in the idea and didn’t hesitate to help us realize it. The BLACKBUN is the result of hard work and a good amount of fun made possible by the collective effort of good friends and some very lucky serendipities.

What time is it? Adventure time. The name BLACKBUN stands for the exciting and unknown. We believe there is a hidden craving for adventure in all of us. We’d like to inspire you to leave your boundaries behind. Live the BLACKBUN spirit with us! Try something new, worry less and find what truly makes you happy.

Life has so much to offer. Open your black box. We don’t know where this will take us but we know, it’s going to be big. Tie your hair back, it’s adventure time.


BLACKBUN Fashion | Tie your hair back, it's adventure time

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